Age of Job Experience #gatekeeper

By Quasury 2019

Capitalism and the growing Issues with in work places with in Canada today and looking towards the future.

Work experience and certificate equivalent employment opportunities is a recipe for disaster in job security, development in younger generation and the development of everyone’s experience. Corporations are limiting our chances of success by requiring to have 1-3 years experience. Those who are unemployed or who have less desirable jobs with an educational background or someone with no educational background with no experience is stuck. experience as a key and gateway ticket in a job helps make a degree, diploma schooling in general less credible.

If these trends are felt by Canada they are felt elsewhere in the world and will continue to spread till those people stuck in mediocre minimum wage work are stuck and thus makes it harder to move. Institutions of education via colleges and Universities then need to support students and place pressure on corporations to accept an educational background with minimum to no experience especially those jobs that are entree level, it’s time we acknowledge the fact that we are all capable of learning and holding most jobs. Put the value back in our educational system and let us rebuild the experience we are losing out on. Do this by establishing better entry level opportunities

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